Art's professor in the "Paris-Val-de-Seine " school of architecture in the National Fine Art's shool of Paris since 1967
2000 - 72 x 45
Encre sur Papier Lokta du Népal
Elsa Olu
Ingénieur culturel et Historienne d'art
Like the archer who chooses his arrow, I have chosen the pen with India ink, basic mediums for a one way path like the one of life. In pursuit of rigour, neither remorse nor regret.
A movement of the arm and the sharp point claws the white space with a kind of scar, an indelible line - definitive. Lines added to lines - lines of no return - accumulated on the paper's skin, wrinkles or sedimentary memories of all thoses moves of painting in which the mind is invested with the combined action of the eye and of the hand, for which breathing is suspended to reach the mastery of instinct.
When alchemy operates, the line turns material. Diffused grey and the stitch's weave must show some tangled body fragments, struggling figures, actions and moves of interconnected forms, governed only by the order of light and shadow. Fugitive pictures of a real space, a trap to catch one's gaze, a support for dreams, a place where even absences can be drawn.
Born 1944 in Versailles - FRANCE
Lives and works in Charleville 51120 - FRANCE

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